Mariah carey和Witney houston唱的When you believe.最近一直听.
Many nights we pray多少个夜晚我们在祈祷
With no proof anyone could hear并非每个人都能听见
In our hearts a hopeful song我们心中的希望之歌
We barely understood自己也不能理解
Now we are not afraid 现在我们并不害怕
Although we know there’s much to fear虽然我们知道未来有许多艰难险阻
We were moving mountains along我们负重已久
Before we know we could只是原来并不清楚我们的能力
There can be miracles奇迹将会出现
When you believe只要你肯相信
Though hope is frail希望虽然渺茫
It’s hard to kill却不可磨灭
Who knows what miracles you can achieve谁知道你会创造怎样的奇迹
When you believe只要你肯相信
Somehow you will你就会
You will when you believe只要你肯相信,你就会创造奇迹
In this time of fear在害怕的时候
When prayer so often proves in vain当祈祷变得苍白无力
Hope seems like the summer birds希望就像夏日里的鸟儿
Too swiftly flown away悄然飞逝
And now I’m standing here现在我伫立于此
My heart’s so full I can’t explain心中充满无限莫名的希望
Seeking faith and speaking words寻求信念
I never thought I’d say说出从未说过的话……
There can be miracles……奇迹将会出现
Take it always up and when you ask鼓起勇气扪心自问
And it is easy to give in to your fear人很容易向困难低头
But when you’re blinded by your pain当你被痛苦蒙住了双眼
Can’t see your way safe through the rain在风雨中看不见未来的出路
Thought of a still resilient voice想一想回荡在你耳边的声音
Says love is very near它在说,爱就在你身边
There can be miracles……奇迹将会出现……


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